Summer ! Beach ! Shirahama !

060629beach01_1It was very hot today too, but more humid than yesterday.

"Ok ! Let’s go to the beach, baby !!"

I went to the nearest beach, "Shirahama Ohama" with my son, Yuuki this afternoon.
(Actually I wanted to take a beautiful picture of beach too.)

When we arrived at the beach we could see that most of people wearing the swim suit were swimming…….

060630yuuki01_1My son and I got into the water, but the waves didn’t scare him.
He could have a fun at the beachside for a long time.

Maybe he will be able to swim alone after a few years, I think.

Today’s Shirahama beach was under beautiful sunshine and the water was really blue.

"Yuuki, the water was a little cold but we could have a good time in a quiet beach, right ?