A cliff on Shirahama beach

060928beach01_1We had a strong storm in these days, but today it was a beautiful day in Shirahama.

After cleanning up the kitchen we went to Shirahama beach with my son, "Yuuki" and my daughter, "Hikari".

There were many surfers in the sea, but we were very surprised when we found one thing on the beach…

060928beach001_1Do you know what this is ?

As the strong storm came to Shimoda the sand was brought by this storm.

Yes, it seemed like a cliff.

My daughter was going down this cliff but she hesitated a little.


Because it was more than 2 times of her, prpbably it was about 2 meters.
(Yuuki was under this cliff and he seemed like very small.)

We had been in Shirahama for more than 10 years, but it was first time for me to see this.

The power of nature is amazing.