Blue Sky Blue Sea and Beautiful beach, Shirahama

070320beach01_1It was really beautiful day, today after 1 week.

After graduation of my daughter’s primary school I went to the beach with my son.

We could see Izu Oshima island cleary.

When we got to the beach my son started to run on the white sand.

The children love a big field and run around.

After that my son and I went to the Mihogasaki cape to take picutres…..

070320mihogasaki01_1This is a small fisherman’s port.

We can get a beautiful scenery with blue sea, white beach and white clouds on the mountains here.

I love this place very much.

It takes about 15 minutes by walking from Sakuraya.

Why don’t  you go there this spring ?

Shimoda Shirahama Beach: Guest House Pension Sakuraya