2009/07/16 A Beautiful Day in Shirahama and Sotoura Beach

090716shirahama01_2Last night the TV news said, the air temprature was highest of this year.
However, it was almost cloudy and we had a strong wind here in Shirahama yesterday, so I was thinking what the difference between the other places and Shirahama was.

But it became a beutiful day today.

There were many people who was swimming and sleeping on the beach.

I show you the other beach in Shimoda today.

After I took some photos at Shirahama, I moved to Sotoura area located between Shirahama and Shimoda downtown.

This beach is called "Sotoura Beach".

I can take the photos from the road, so the color is really blue.

This is a one of good points for snorkeling in Shimoda.

I wanted to get into that water soon, but I am very busy everyday and don’t have enough time for snorkeling.

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