2009/09/07 Snorkering in Shimoda

090907ebisujima01"I want to play a snorkeling, but are there any good points nearby?"

"Well, there are some good points in Shimoda. But we don’t recommend you Shirahama beach because of the big waves and the north-west wind."

Our guest asked me this morning and I recommended them this island in Shimoda.

This is called "Ebisu-jima" in Japanese. It is located in Suzaki peninsula near Shimoda downtown…….

It takes about 15 minutes by car from Pension Sakuraya.

As I had to go to Shimoda downtown for shopping today I went to Ebisu-jima to check the condition.

When I arrive there it was low tide and a good condition for snorkeling.

When I was taking photos there I met our guests who has just finished snorkeling.

"How did you like this place?"

"It was great and excellent. The water is clear and there are a lot of fishes!!!!!"

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