Monthly Archives: July 2014

2014/07/13 Thank you for staying!

140713couple01They are from Canada and he lives in Kanagawa Pref.

She came to Japan to see him, and they came to Shimoda together.

He brought his own surf board, but they didn't have good waves this weekend, the typhoon passed thought.

But they had the beautiful day for the beach on Saturday.

Thank you very much for staying with us.

We look forward to meeting you again.

2014/07/08 Shirahama Beach today

140708beach02It had been sunny and very hot here in Shirahama since this early morning.

There were some people on the beach when I went there to take pictures, and they had a little big waves by typhoon.

There will be no life guards until Friday, so take care of yourself when you get into the water.

2014/07/07 Is it noisy at Pension Sakuraya?

140707beach01When I took my children to the shool this morning I took this picture at the nearest beach "Shirahama".

We had rain this morning, but it became cloudy and sunny after that.

By the way, we got an e-mail from abroad today.

And they asked us how far from the beach and how far from the main town in Shimoda.

Shirahamabeach001Actually our customers are worring about the noisiness at our Pension during busy season.

Of course we have a lot of customers during summer, but it's very quiet around our Pension.

Mapenglish01Because it's a little bit far from the noisy beach, and Pension Sakuraya is surrounded with the trees and by the mountain.




2014/07/04 A Beach of the Another Planet

140704beach01We had heavy rain here in Shimoda last night, but the blue sky and sun light came back again.

And the sky was covered with a lot of clouds soon after that.





140704beach03aAfter I took my daughter to the school this moring I went to the beach to check the condition.

They had been preparing the beach to welcome a lot of visitors in summer.

There were a lot of small sand mounds on the beach.

It looked like a sand art.

On the other hand, when I saw the sea I think….

140704beach01aIt seemed we landed on the another planet by accident.