Monthly Archives: January 2019

2019/01/14 View of Sunrise from Shirahama Beach

As my wife went to Chigasaki city in Kanagawa prefecture to participate the new year party of the ballet school and company which she belonged to when she was young I took her to the train station this early morning. And I went to the beach to take photos of the sunrise after that.

I wasn’t able to see the sunrise above the horizon, but it was so beautiful!

2019/01/09 Walking to Sotoura Beach Looking over Izu Seven Islands

I walked to the point where we can see Sotoura beach this afternoon as usual.

Sotoura Beach located between Shirahama beach and the town of Shimoda is very popular with families with children because they don’t have big waves.

And Mihogasaki cape which is between Shirahama beach and Sotoura beach has great view of Izu seven islands and Amagi mountains.

2019/01/07 Clouds above the Sea

I walked on the seaside road this afternoon as usual.

When I started walking I saw the clouds above Izu Oshima island, so I went to the top of the hill behind Sakuraya to take photos.

By the way when I was cooking for my family at around 4:30 PM I saw the beautiful sunset on the western mountain. So I took this photo from the 2nd floor of Sakuraya.

2019/01/05 Clear and Blue Sea Shirahama

When I started walking before noon as usual I saw the beautiful sea water.

So I went up the hill behind Pension Sakuraya to take photos. I was really excited to see such a gorgeous sea!

When we have west wind in winter we can see the clear and blue water like today!

I highly reccomend you all to come to Shimoda to see such a beautiful scenery!