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2016/10/31 Shirahama Shrine Festival

161029shrine01The festival of Shirahama shrine which has a rich history of more than 2,400 years was held for 3 days from October 28th.

161029shrine11And it was the last time for my son to participate as a member of Kodomo Mikoshi (portable shrine carried by children).

161030festival03My son and his friends participated the stage performance and showed us dancing on October 30th.

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2016/10/29 Shirahama Shrine Festival

There is a shrine called “Shirahama Shrine”, 7 or  8 minutes walking from Pension Sakuraya.

They have a long history more than 2,400 years, so this shrine is the oldest one in Izu peninsula.

They have a festival for 3 days at the end of October every year, and it was started today.

A lot of residents participate this festival, and of course the children as well.

My son helped to carry the small shrine with his friends.

He is now the last grade of primary school, so it was the last chance for him.





2016/06/28 Snorkeling and Open-Air Bath at Akai-Hama Beach in Matsuzaki town

160626snorkeling01I went to Kumomi district in Matsuzaki town on the western side of Izu peninsula with my son on last Sunday.

map01I think it was the last chance to go to the beach for snorkeling with him before busy summer.

160626snorkeling12We enjoyed the open-air hot spring by the sea, but it was not good condition for snorkeling because of big waves and not clear water.





2016/06/03 View from the School

160603view01My wife and I went to the primary school this morning because of parent day.

This is a view from the 3rd floor of Shirahama primary school this morning.

160603view03We used to be able to see the beach from this place several years ago, but the grown trees around this school prevent us from seeing the beach now.

2016/05/15 Cycling in Shimoda city with my son

160515cycling00My son and I went to Shimoda city for cycling this afternoon.

160515cycling01We parked our car at the free parking lot near harbor and took a cycling on the seaside road, and went to the liquir shop opened in 1889 and Shimoda history museum.

160515cycling09We had very strong north wind in Shirahama, but there was no wind in Shimoda city, so it was very good condition for cycling.

160515cycling12My son was excited very much today.

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2016/05/03 My Wife danced with the Japanese Drums Team

My wife goes to the ballet school in Shimoda twice or three times a week.

The school had the stage performance last month, and this is one of the programs, which is the collaboration with Shirahama Japanese drums team, and my wife danced at the center.

My wife was a professional dancer when she was young, but It was really hard for her in her 40s.

But, she did great job!