Dodo-yaki in Shirahama

070114dondoyaki01_1At 5:10 am my mobile phone made me waked up.

Today it is a Dondo-yaki day in Shirahama.

It take place in this season everyyear in many places in Izu peninsula.

As my daughters have never seen it, we went to see it to the beach.

Somebody ignited it at just 6:00am. ……

070114dondoyaki02_1We didn’t have a strong wind today but it was very cold this morning.

"Too cold, dad !" Hikari said.

My daughters were seeing the fire behind the board.

When we were near the fire we could feel the warmth.

And then somebody gave us hot "Oshiruko", it made our body very warm.


Now the adults prepared this Dondo-yaki but the children used to do it a long time ago.

I think it is very important to continue this tradition in the future.

(It was very beautiful the fire and the sunrise this morning.)