It looks like “The Lone Cypress” in California.

071022beach01_2Today it was very warm and beautiful day in Shimoda!!

That’s why our guests went to the beach to swim.

Look at this!!

Before goint to Shimoda town for shopping I took this picture.

I could see a gorgeous beach like this after long time.

I am showing one more picture for you….

We can see the blue and clear water, and white sand beach overthere.

By the way we had an american traveller last month and he said,

"This scenary looks like the Lone Cypress in California."
"Shirahama beach is very beautiful place, isn’t it?"

I found some websites of "The Lone Cypress" as follows.

The Lone Cypress in California #1

The Lone Cypress #2

Pebble Beach Resorts

10 most magnificent trees in the world


Pension Sakuraya in Shirahama, Shimoda

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