The ships on the ocean

071121ship01When I was in my home I didn’t notice but …..

As I had to go to Post Office I depart from my house by car, and I found 4 ships on the ocean on the way to the Route 135.

In winter we sometimes have a strong wind from west, they have a strong wind like typhoon in Irozaki area.

That’s why the ships which goes to Tokyo bay or Osaka bay wait here until the  wind will be stopped……

After I finished my work at post office I went to the beach with my son.

I took the 1st picture on the route 135.
I could see the ships on the beautiful blue ocean.

After that we went to the beach and walked around for a while.

My son loves to touch the sand, maybe he is interested in the feeling of the sand.

From Pension Sakuraya it takes about 30 minutes by walking to get to this beach, Shirahama Chuou Kaigan.

There is a good point for snorkeling.

Why don’t you go there?

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