Red and Yellow Leaves in Kawazu Seven Water Falls

071127leaves01_2Today, as I had to go to Kawazu town for shopping my son and I went to "Kawazu Seven Water Falls" to check the color of leaves.

Now "Amagi Red Leaves Festival" is taking place at Amagi moutain in Izu  peninsula until November 30th.

Probably the color of leaves are in a good season at the top of Amagi mountains, but only some trees had red and yellow leaves in Kawazu Seven water falls area.

It means that it is still early to get the beautiful leaves this year…..

From the free parking lot we walked on the path and got to this fall, one of seven water falls.

This fall is called "Shokei Daru".

There is a monument of a couple.
Yes, one of them is a dancer who is  a leading part of the nobel  "Odoriko" written by Yasunari Kawabata.

Actually there are another 3 falls after this one but we had to come back to the parking lot, because we were in a hurry.

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