Let’s make a fresh juice!

100221hikariyuuki01"When are you going to make it, dad?"

My daughter, Hikari has been asking me about it since long time ago.

"OK, I'll do it tonight. Let's make it together."

Then I decided to do it with my daughter and son and started.

First of all we have to prepare the fruits for it, oranges, banana, peach, apple, yogurt and honey.

Recently my son Yuuki can peel well, so I asked him to peel an orange…..


100221hikariyuuki02 On the second stage, my son put the fruits into the juice machine and my daughter press them in.

After that we put all the juice into mixer with yogurt and honey, and mixed them all together.

"Do you want to try it at first, yuuki?"

"Yes, dad…. Oh, it's good!"

"Really? Let me try it." said Hikari.

"Wao, this is very fresh and great, dad!"

We will try to make it again.

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