2010/05/27 An article about Pension Sakuraya on Tokyo Notice Board!!

100527article01We were really surprised.

Have you ever seen this?

I haven't seen and read it because I live in Shimoda, not in Tokyo.

We got a parcel by mail in the morning the day before yesterday.

When I got it I didn't remember the name written on it and I didn't  know what it was, and also I didn't understand why it was sent.

After opening it I found out a letter like this…. 


100527article02 — From here ——-

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Yamamoto

Thank you for your wonderful
hospitality during Golden Week. My family and I really enjoyed our stay.

wrote about your Guest House in my monthly column in "Tokyo Notice
Board". See page 19.

Wishing you and your family all the very
best. Regards from Komaba.

— until here —

Yes, I remember who wrote this letter and why she sent it to us.

100527article03We had a french family who live in Tokyo and they stayed at Sakuraya for 2 nights during Golden Week.

And when they checked-out one of them told me that she would write an article about us and would post it in something.

Yes, this is it! (Click this image and read it.)

We were surprised but really appreciated it.

Thank you for introducing Pension Sakuraya, madam,

We are looking forward to meeting you and your family again.

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