Monthly Archives: December 2018

2018/12/12 By The Strong North Wind

I went to the beach to check the condition of the road and the beach after the rain stopped this afternoon.

Yesterday it was rainy and we have very strong north wind here in Shirahama. That’s why the road is covered with a lot of sand blown off by the wind.

Actually there is no sand in front of the fenses….

2018/12/05 Thank you for staying.

They came to Japan from Canada for the 3rd time and stayed with us for two nights..

Actually their son lives in Numazu city with his wife, so they come to Japan and stay at their son’s house.

During their stay they went to the nearest beach and walked in and around Shimoda city.

And they went to Izu Kogen after check out.

Thank you very much for staying with us.

P.S They gave us the friendship pin badge of Canada and Japan.

Thank you so much for your present.

2018/12/01 Shirahama Beach Today

When I was walking near the fisherman’s port in Shirahama I found out that there had been some people swimming in the water!

The water temperature is about 20 degrees celsius, so actually it is possible to get into the water.

By the way they had good waves to surf yesterday, but they had no waves today.

Some poeple were trying surfing with the instructor, but it was a good condition for beginners, I think.