Daily Archives: 2006年1月17日

Yuuki in Shirahama beach

060117babywalk001_1It was cloudy today in Shirahama, but my son "Yuuki" and I went to the beach to take a walk.

Yuuki loves the sea and the water. When I took him near the sea, he suddenly started to walk toward the water.  I took  him back  but he  repeated  it again and again.

After that he found the cap of juice bottle and started to play with it lying on the sand. Lovely baby, Yuuki!

"Hello, everybody! My mother bought me this yellow cap. It looks good on me, right?!

"By the way my father posted the photos of Yunessun where we went 2 days ago into Sakuraya’s Webpage. Please check it out. You can see the photos of my sister and me!"

Hakone Kowakien Yunessun