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“Inubashiri” embankment in Shimoda harbor

060127teibou001Actually I went to take a photo yersterday and was going to post this photo last night.

But I had new year party last night and I came back to my home at around 1:30am.
Besides I drunk so much, so could not post this photo.

This place is "Inubashiri" embankment in Shimoda, near Shimoda blanch of Japan coast guard.
In Summer a lot of people come here for fishing.
There is a rental house of fishing tools, pole, food for fish, bucket and etc, so we can rent it 1,500 yen if we do not have any tools for fishing.

But this house was closed yesterday, probable they open it during summer.

When I went to this embankment one of them told me, "I could get a lot of sardines yesterday, but today ……. ."

Why don’t you have a good time there when you come to Shimoda?