Walking on the beach in Shirahama

061106yuuki01_1It was sunny in Shirahama yesterday, but was almost cloudy today.

As I had to go to the small citizen hall in Shirahama I went there with my son, Yuuki.

We walked on the beach for a while after that.

(He was looking back his shoes. Was there anything back your shoes, Yuuki ?) ……

061106yuuki02_1After walking on the sand we got to the top of big rock which has red gate of shrine.

He was looking Izu seven island while I was taking pictures.

There is a ocean under this rock and big waves came again and again.

But he was not surprised at those waves.
He does not know the fear, I guess.

061106yuuki03_1 After walking on the rocks and beach we started to go back home.

"Hurry up, Yuuki. If you will be late I go back home leaving you !!"

He is intersted in many kinds of things, because there are a lot of things from the ocean on the beach.