Happy Birthday, girls !!

061114birthdayparty02_1This month is our two daughter’s birthday and it is only 4 days  which is difference of their birthdays.

So their birthday party take place on same day in November when we can do it every year.

Tonight’s nemu are grilled lobster and fried chicken.
We usually serve this lobster for our guest’s dinner but we had never eaten it for our meals until now.
As my daughters recently say that they want to eat it, we cooked it for their birthday tonight.

Tonight’s menu were only these 2 dishes because they want to and have to eat a birthday cake after dinner !

Their birthday cake is …….


061114birthdayparty01_2This is it !!

It’s a chocolate cake with fruits and birthday plate.

"Akari – Hikari  Happy Birthday"

Akari is 12 years old and Hikari is 9 years old.

Time goes very fast, I think.

By the way it was very excellent cake.

That’s why ……

My 2 year son, Yuuki ate it a lot !!

He usually doesn’t eat cake so much, but he seemed to be pleased with this chocolate cake.

Anyway we could have good party for our children.