Small Green World – Water Drop on Aloe

061127aloe01_1How do you like this photo ?

I took this out of entrance of our Pension.

We had sometimes rain today, so that the leaves of aloe had the water drops.

When I saw this tree from a distance I couldn’t know that this tree had these water drops, but I was surprised very much and pleased with it.

This color, "Green" gives us a fresh feeling and makes us happy, right ? ……

061127aloe02_110 days or 2 weeks ago this tree didn’t have flowers, but is blooming day after day.

Do you know that we, Japanese, eat this aloe ?

The aloe is very good for health and peoples in the world have been eating from ancient times.

But in Japan, we recently eat it with drinks, icecream, yogurt and so on.

Have you ever tried it ?