2011/06/08 Under construction

110608yuuki01 I went to the shop at the half point between the primary school and our house to pick up my son.

When we were walking on the way home my son said,

"I'm very tired today. I want to take a break."

"Ok, let's go to the beach."

We went to the parking lot on the beach and took a time for a while…..



110608resupo01 After the short break we contined walking and took the different way to home today.

Do you know where this place is?

My son is walking in front of the beach, and there used to be the Family Mart, the convenience store on the 1st floor in the big building there.

But the building was broken and became a big parking lot, and the new building is under construction.

The people says it will be a convenience store again, but I don't know which store it will be.

I hope it would be "Seven Eleven" because they have an ATM which accept the International credit card.

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