2015/07/02 Izukyu-line One Day Pass and Two Day Pass

pass01Are you a JR Pass holder? or Do you come to Shimoda by train?

If so, this is a good news for you.

This pass is a free ticket between Ito station and Izukyu-Shimoda station for one day (or two days), and you can board and get off any local train or non-reserved seat of Limited express train at any station without a limit.

Train ticket between Ito station and Izukyu-Shimoda station is 1,620 yen, but this pass is 1,200 yen.

If you are JR Pass holder, you should buy this pass at the fare adjustment office of Izukyu-Shimoda station.

Please show your passport, issued by government except Japan, to buy this pass at the ticket counter.

Click here to get more information about Izukyu-line!

The new information for 1 day pass and 2 day pass on the website of Izukyu company.


7 thoughts on “2015/07/02 Izukyu-line One Day Pass and Two Day Pass

  1. Sophie


    Is the one-day pass available to purchase at one of the “handling stations” mentioned on the flyer above? Or those stations are for pick up only?
    Can I purchase online?

  2. izusakuraya Post author

    Yes, you can purchase this pass at only 6 stations on Izu-kyuko line as follows.
    JR Itō station(6:30~20:00)、 Izu-Kōgen station(5:10~23:51)
    Izu-Atagawa station(7:10~19:00)、 Izu-Inatori station(5:50~23:18)、
    Kawazu station(7:10~19:00)、 Izukyū-Shimoda station(5:15~23:37)
    There is no online system to purchase this pass.
    You have to go to the stations by yourself directly.

  3. Stephanie

    Can I buy the pass and use inbound direction? – For instance: Ride from Shimoda to Ito station?
    I’m planning to stay at Ito for 4 days in April, I’m thinking to buy “JR East 3 days pass” and buy this one day pass for my 4 days there.

    1. izusakuraya Post author

      Hello, Stephanie,

      Thank you for waiting for my reply.
      If you would like to go to Shimoda city by train during your stay in Ito city, this pass would be better than the normal ticket. Because, as I wrote on our blog, the normal ticket for one way is 1,620 yen, but this pass is only 1,000 yen and you can stop many times at any stations you would like to go only between Ito station and Izukyu-Shimoda station.
      But please make it sure that this pass is available for only one day.
      I asked Izukyu-Shimoda station about this pass by phone calling today and he said this pass would be on sale.
      When you buy this pass you have to show them your passport at the ticket counter.
      Have a nice travel in Izu peninsula and Japan!
      Thank you.

  4. Sari Fatimah

    Hi… i want to ask a view questions:
    1. at ito station, where should i go to buy this pass? Ticket machine or some office)
    2. From ito I want to go to Kawazu. can i use odoriko non reserved seat?
    3. How about if i want to take superview odoriko reserved seat, how much is the additional fee that i should pay for this?

    Thank you so much for your reply

    1. izusakuraya Post author

      Hello, Sari,
      I answer your questions below.
      #1 You can’t buy this ticket from ticket machine, so you should go to the ticket counter.

      #2 Yes, you can take only non-reserved seats of local and rapid trains, and non-reserved seats on limited express trains Odoriko (not Super View Odoriko) with the pass.
      Here is a website of Izukyu company and a PDF file for one day pass and two day pass on the internet.

      #3 If you would like to take Super View Odoriko, you have to buy the normal ticket. Because 1 day pass or 2 day pass are not available for the Super View Odoriko train.
      From Ito station to Kawazu station:
      train ticket 1,370 yen
      additional fee for reserved seat on Super View Odoriko 510 yen

      Thank you.


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