Daily Archives: 2016年4月15日

2016/04/15 Shirahama Beach this morning

160415beach01I took these pictures when I took my son to the school this morning.

We had rain yesterday, but the blue sky came back to Shirahama today.

160415beach02I hadn’t had enough time to take a Nordic walk in these days because we have been very busy since a week ago.

That’s why I’m putting on weight little by little.

2016/04/15 Thank you for staying with us!

160415family01They are a family of Japanese and French.

She has her house in Chiba prefecture, but she has lived in France with her husband for a long time, and her daughter lives in Thailand with her French husband and their children.

That’s why they have a communication in both Japanese and French, and of course these two small children understand and speak in both 2 languages.

Thank you very much for staying with us for 2 nights.

Take care of your long flight to France and Thailand.