Daily Archives: 2016年4月19日

2016/04/19 Gorgeous beach in Shirahama

160419beach01I walked on the seaside road this morning and took some pictures, but they were not so good.

160419beach02When I was cleaning the guest rooms I saw the blue water shining through the window, So I went to the beach around noon to take pictures again.

160419beach05You will be very happy and be so excited looking over the beautiful sea.

Don’t miss the gorgeous beach in this season!!


2016/04/19 Thank you for staying.

160419customer01She lives in the United States and came to Japan with her own bike by plane.

She stayed at her friend’s home in Saitama prefecture for several days and came to Izu peninsula by bike.

She had rest on the 2nd day because of rain, but she went around in the southern area of Izu peninsula by bike on the 3rd day.

Thank you very much for staying with us for 3 nights.