Monthly Archives: October 2018

2018/10/18 Thank you for staying.

They came from China and stayed at Pension Sakuraya for 2 nights.

During their stay they went to the nearest beach, and went to Shimoda city to get on the Shimoda bay cruising and the cable car.

I took them to the station by my car after they checked out because I had to go to Shimoda for shopping.

Thank you so much for staying with us.

See you again someday in the future!

2018/10/17 Cleaning Bedroom

It was sunny but the sky sometimes was covered with clouds here in Shirahama today.

I didn’t walk yesterday and today because I’m a little tired after hard walking and muscle training in these days.

I cleaned every part of this room and waxed the floor yesterday, and finaly finished cleaning this second room today.

2018/10/14 Shirahama Beach Today

It was sunny but the sky sometimes was covered with a lot of clouds today.

I took a Nordic walking on the seaside road this afternoon.

The fences were set up to protect the sand on the beach from the strong norht wind by the local community yesterday.

By the way I finished cleaning the bedroom at last today.

I will have to start cleaning the next room tomorrow.


2018/10/12 Shirahama Beach Today

Today I restarted to take a nordic walking to Sotoura beach after a long time.

They have already seemed to finish moving the sand from the road to the beach today.

You can compare the condition before moving and after with the pictures which I took.

The local community will set up the fences on this beach tomorrow.