Kite in The Blue Sky – – Shirahama Beach

080201yuuki01_2Today my son and I went to the beach to fly a kite.

Actually we went to Shimoda town to buy a kite yesterday and had already gone to the beach to do it, but we didn’t have enough wind to fly it.

But we had good wind for it today.

So I decided to do it again…..

"Yuuki, do you want to go to the beach to fly the kite again?"

"Yes, dad!!"

However I had to finish my job to go out.

"Hurry up, dad" I want to go to the beach right now."

Yesterday Yuuki flied the kite for the first time and he was excited with it very much.

That’s why he can not wait for me.

In the afternoon we went to the beach.

As I was thinking we could fly the kite easily with good wind today.

Can you see my small son under the blue sky?

We could have a very good time with sunshine on the beach!

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