Snorkeling in Shirahama in Winter

090208beach01_2"They don’t have good wave today."

This morning our guest who is surfer went to the beach to check the wave and said so.

It was sunny and very warm today I went to the beach with my children after finished to clean up the guest room.

My purpose was snorkeling.

I have been thinking I would like to dive in winter, but it had been very cold in these days and I couldn’t do it…….

090208beach02_2 When I got to the beach they sometimes had waves and I was disapointed with this condition.

However the water was very clear and beautiful, so I tried to dive there.

When I got into the water I could see the bottom clearly in sipte of more than 5 meters deep.

I found some fishes there but I stopped to dive today after only 20 minutes because of big wave.

But the water was very warm so I am going to the other points next time.


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