Low tide in Shirahama, Shimoda

090316beach01_2In this late afternoon I got a telephone calling from my daughter, Hikari.
And she asked me to pick her up on the way to home, so I went out by my car.

Before picking my daughter up I went to beach to take photos.

Today it was sunny but we had a little strong west wind, and they had a low tide at that time…..

We usually walk on rock behind Shirahama shrine to get to Shirahama Chuo Beach on the other side of Shirahama Ohama Beach.

But when we have a low tide we can walk under the rock.
That place is usually under the water, but we can go across there.

There is a secret cave under the rocks.

check the photos which I took 2 years ago in the following blog page.

A Secret Cave in Shirahama

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