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2011/01/17 A new knapsack of my son, Yuuki

110117yuuki01 In Japan almost of every students go to primary ( grade ) school carrying this knapsack with back straps.

As he knew that he would go to the primary school on next April he wanted his own knapsack like this.

"When can I buy my knapsack?"

"We will buy it when we will go to Chigasaki city."

As we promised we bought this knapsack at the shop in Chigasaki.

Long time ago we had only 2 types, black one for boys and red one for girls, but they have many kinds of color of this knapsack in these days.

But we were able to make a dicision soon because my son wanted black one.

He looks very happy with his own brand-new knapsack now.

We call this "Randoseru" in Japanese, but how can we call this in English?

Maybe they don't have this bag in the foreign countries, right?


2011/01/12 Sunrise in Shirahama & Toshima-island

110112sunrise01 I took this photo at around 7:30 am at the different place from yesterday.

It was sunny this morning, and there was no big cloud in the sky.

That's why I was able to take a photo with shinning sun and there was a golden road on the sea.

Do you see the island under the sun?

That's called "Toshima" island.

It takes about 1 hour and 35 minutes by ship from Shimoda harbor.

Do you know what the circumference of that island is?

It is only 8 kilometers and only 300 people live there.

80 % of that island is covered with camellia trees and the amount of production of camellia oil is best in Japan.

There is no beach in that island, so the most popular sports are diving and fishing.

Would you like to go there?

Check this website out!! 

2011/01/11 In the morning sky

110111sea01 There was an article on the snow in Shimoda yesterday in the newspaper this morning.

I was thinking we had snow at all places in Shimoda, but the paper said the snow lay only 2 centimeters in the coastlands between Shirahama and Shimoda.

I took this photo on the way home at around 7:00 am when I took my daughter to the junior high school by car this morning.

It was really cold this morning too.

2011/01/10 Snow on the island “Izu Oshima”

110110snow02 Today my wife went to the next prefecture by train, so I took here to the station early this morning.

At that time we had black cloud in the sky, but it had not been rainy yet.

But we had snow after that.

I didn't notice it, because I had been in my room and the screen had been closed.

When I went shopping at around 9:00 am it has already been sunny, and I found out the snow on the island over the ocean.

They have snow some times during cold season every year, but it is earlier than usual.

2011/01/09 Windy day in Shirahama, Shimoda

110109beach01 After our customers checked-out, when I was cleaning up the guest room I saw the sea very beautiful through the window.

So I stopped cleaning I went to the beach.

The gradation of changing of the sea was so gorgeous!

The tourists park their cars on the road, and they took photos and some of them went to this beach for walking.

But we had very strong wind today, and this wind sometimes blew the sand off.

2011/01/07 Walking on Shirahama Beach

110107beach01 Today I went to the nearest beach for walking after long time.

I have been very busy for last 2 months, so I didn't walk.

It was very cold here in Shimoda today, but as we didn't have wind it was very comfortable to walk.

I was very happy walking with blue sky, white cloud and blue sea today.


2010/01/02 Hatsumode to Shirahama shrine

110102jinja02 Today, after we finished cleaning up the gurst rooms we went to Shirahama shrine.

Most Japanese visit a shirine or a buddhist temple as a first time of new year to pray for comfort and health on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd January.

This is called "Hatsumode", the first visit shrine of new year.

That's why there were a lot of people at Shirahama shirine today and were some women in Kimono.

After praying we took a photo in fron of Haiden (hall of worship) all together.


2011/01/01 Happy New Year!! – – Pension Sakuraya in Shimoda, Japan

110101room01 How have you been?

We had a lot of customers last year at Pension Sakuraya in Shimoda.

We appreciate it very much.

In Japan we, Japanese cereblate the new year's day on January every year.

It is considered by most Japanese to be one of the most important annual festivals and has been celebrated.

At Sakuraya we decorate the room and many places in the building with the flowers like this.

In all Japanese style rooms we put the flower pot with the seasonal flowers and the leaves.

Let us wish you and yours a happy and healthy New Year.