2011/05/20 It looks like a skin head of Namihei!

110520yuki01 Yesterday morning, as we had customers and had to prepare their breakfast, I was not be able to walk wth the children.

So I went out the building to say "Take care" to the children.

When I was waiting outside a 6th grader boy said,

"Hey, look at this! It looks like a head of Namihei!"

I didn't understand what he said at first.

But ……



110520camellia01 Do you know this?

This is a seed of camellia.

We have this tree in our garden, and this tree usually bloom in February and March.

And it has seeds like this after that.

Do you see that this seed has a hair on it?

The boy saw this and thought it looked like a head of Namihei.

Namihei is a charactor of one of the most popular animations in Japan, called Sazae-san.

You can see his picuture here.

And here is a video on Youtube.

Of course I know Namihei very well, but I didn't imagine him when I saw this seed.

Yes, this 6th grader boy is an imaginative!!

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