2011/05/30 Picking up my son and Yamori at Sakuraya

110530yuuki01 Last week the #2 typhoon was coming to Japan from philippines area, but it was become to the extratropical cyclone before coming to Shimoda yesterday.

We had a lot of rain here in Shimoda last weekend, but it was not huge damage.

My daughters expected that the schools would be closed due to typhoon, but they had to go to school at last because there was no heavy rain and strong wind this morning.

As usual I went to the shop on the way from the elementary school to pick my son up, and we came back home together.

By the way I show you the photo which I took in our kitchen tonight.

But if you don't like the reptiles you should not see any more….


110530yamori01 I took this photo at our kitchen tonight.

Since last week we sometimes found out this at night.

When we had a dinner this evening my dauters said,

"Look at that! He is going to get something!"

He is a Japanese gecko, and he was trying to get a bug to eat.

He usually walk slowly on the window, but he moved quickly and got it.



Can you see he is holding bug in his mouth?

It was a first time for us to see the moment he got it, and we excited it very much.

In Japan he is called " Yamori ".

It means protecting  and guarding the house.

So we Japanese are thinking he is a guardian god.




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