2011/07/30 Sunny and Cloudy & Thunder and Rainy at Shirahama & Sotoura Beach

110730shirahama04 In these days the weather have been changing everyday.

It was cloudy here in Shirahama this morning, but it became sunny at around noon.

When I went to Shimoda for shopping I took pictures.

There were a lot of people on the nearest beach this weekend.

After that I went to the next beach "Sotoura Beach."


110730sotoura01 This beach doesn't have big waves, so a lot of families come to swim.

On the left side of this beach it is a rocky beach and there were some people who were snorkeling.

Around Shimoda there are a lot of good points for snorkeling.

The water temperature will be higher day after day, so it will be a good season for snorkeling.

Click here to see the other photos which I took today.

Shizuoka Pref. Shimoda city Shirahama "Pension Sakuraya"

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