2011/10/02 Yuuki’s Homework

111002yuuki02 Every day my son, Yuuki has to do homework.

For example,  writing and reading in Japanese or math.

Today he had to study how to write Japanese Kanji character.

When I was looking at him my wife said,

"In these days the primary school students have to learn more difficult Kanji character than we did."

"Oh, really? Let me check it."…….




111002yuuki01 Yes, you are right.

Kanji means Chinese character, and we have to learn a lot of Kanji character at school.

When we were on the 1st grade of primary school we didn't learn the difficult Kanji like this, I think.

In Japan we have to learn how to read, write and pronounce "Hiragana", "Katakana" and "Kanji"

Keep trying, Yuuki!!!

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