2011/10/16 Shirahama Ohama Beach today

111016beach01In this season we set up the fences on the beach.

Because we have strong north east wind between autumn and spring, and because we have to protect the sand on the beach from this wind.

Today we had a work to set up the fences from 7:00 AM.

In this early morning we had a heavy rain and stopped raining before work, but it began to rain again after we started to work.

However we finished to do it in the rain……



111016beach05Look at this!

There are fences which we set up this morning.

After 2:00 PM I went to the beach with my son, because it was Sunday today and my son was boring in our house.

After the rain the blue sky was back and it became warmer than yesterday.

There were som people who were swimming in the water!

Click here to see the pictures which I took today.

Pension Sakuraya in Shimoda, Japan.

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