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2011/10/06 Lobster season!

111006lobster01This is a Sashimi combination which our customers ordered on last weekend, and we provided this Sashimi with Ise-ebi Lobster.

In Izu peninsula the lobster season has already started from the middle of September, and we can get it until May next year.

Fresh lobster is tasted a little sweet and very delicious!

When we have a order of Ise-ebi Lobster we can cook it as Miso-soup for breakfast if the customer like.

Why don't you try Lobster in Japan?

2011/10/03 Yuuki on the beach after school

111003beach04 Today it was sunny after 3 days, but we had a cold horth wind.

I watched TV news this evening and they said they had first snow of this season in Hokkaido today.

That7s why it was a little cold here in Shimoda.

But the weather forecast says it will be sunny this weekend.

By the way I went to the nearest beach called Shirahama Beach with my son after school.

There were some surfers in the water but nobody was swimming today.

Click here to see the other pictures which I took today.

Pension Sakuraya in Shimoda

2011/10/02 Yuuki’s Homework

111002yuuki02 Every day my son, Yuuki has to do homework.

For example,  writing and reading in Japanese or math.

Today he had to study how to write Japanese Kanji character.

When I was looking at him my wife said,

"In these days the primary school students have to learn more difficult Kanji character than we did."

"Oh, really? Let me check it."…….


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