Monthly Archives: June 2018

2018/06/17 Be careful to get into the water!

When I left my home to walk this afternoon a helicopter ambulance was flying around on the nearest beach.

And when I got to the seaside road the rescue team had already arrived and started to search.

A young woman was swept by the sea waves, but she was saved by the rescue team…

As there is no life guard on the beach before busy season in summer we should be careful ourselves to get into the water……



2018/06/16 Thank you for staying!

They are a family from Indonesia and have lived in Japan since 11 years ago.

They stayed at Pension Sakuraya for one night and they were going to the cave in Shimoda after check out, but we are very sorry about the weather during their stay.

We look forward to having you again.

Please come to Shimoda with the sun!

Thank you very much for staying with us.

2018/06/13 Flying Spider!!

We had a little cold north wind today but it was very hot here in Shimoda.

I took a Nordic walking to Sotoura beach after a long time.

When I came back to the nearest beach and was taking pictures I found out a small spider on the fence of the seaside road.

He seemed to have a mask of strange guy on his back! Haaaaa…..

After I took the picture of the spider he flied away with his silk.

It was my first time to see the moment of spider’s flying.

2018/06/12 Blue Sky and Beautiful Water came back!

When I was cleaning guest rooms this afternoon I was able to see  the blue water and Izu Oshima island through the window.

So I walked to the beach to take pictures.

After the typhoon past the blue sky and the beautiful sea came back here in Shirahama.

There were a lot of surfers on the beach because of good waves.

I was very happy to take pictures of the beautiful water and the clouds on the island and the mountains.

I love this beach after all.