Snow in Amagi Mountain, Izu Peninsula

080211snow01_2Don’t you think we have a lot of snow this year?

Last week we had snow in Izu peninsula, but there was no snow in Shimoda.
So I was thinking to take my children to Amagi mountain play with snow,  and I went there with my daughter, my son and my daughter’s friend after I finished to clean the guest rooms…..

We arrived at "Kanten-bashi" bridge in Amagi.

After parking our car the children started to play soon.

As it is very warm in Shimoda and Shirahama and we have no snow in winter our children were very excited with white snow.

In Izu peninsula the Sakura trees have already started to bloom near the sea but we have snow in the mountains, only 40 minutes by car from Shirahama.

It’s very interesting, right?

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