Monthly Archives: March 2006

It seemed like a painting.

060319sunset001_1In the late afternoon, when I was preparing our dinner in the kitchen, I found that the sun was setting through the window.

So I went to the upstairs room soon and took some pictures of sunset.

It was really beautiful sunset that I couldn’t see for a long time.
It seemed like a painting on the big canvas……

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The spring comes again ?

060316sakura001_14 days ago, "Kawazu Sakura Festival" had just finished, but this time the other kinds of Sakura are beginning to bloom in Shimoda.

I found this flower in our garden today, this sakura is one kind of them, "Yama Sakura", it means Sakura in the moutain.

I could see a beautiful swinging Sakura in the wind.

It was almost sunny in the morning in Shirahama, but…..

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A blue sky and sea

060313shirahama001_1When I came back from Shimoda town, I took this picture.

Today we had a little cold wind, but it was really beautiful day in Shirahama.
We could see a blue sea, a blue sky and white clouds.

By the way I caught a cold at last from our children and have pains on my body.
So I go to bed from now today.
See you.

Big Wave in Shirahama Beach !!

060312bigwave001_1My son, Yuuki, could get a good condition this morning, but my daughters caught a cold instead of him.

They had high fever, had loose bowels, and vomited many times like my son last night.

I hope they will have good condition soon.

By the way I took this photo yesterday in Shirahama. It was really high and big wave.

So some surfers had been challenging toward these waves……

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Sakura in the night-Minami Izu

060311minamisakura001_1Tonight, my son, Yuuki, and me went to Minami Izu town to see Sakura of night.

To tell the truth, we went there last night too, because my son caught a cold, had a bad condition and was very nervous, so I took him to drive to make him better feeling.
When we got there we saw a beautiful view of Night Sakura.  Then I wanted to take a photo.
But as I didn’t bring my camera, I couldn’t take a photo of Night Sakura.

So I tried to go Minami Izu to take it again tonight…..

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