Yuuki, it’s a sunny day !!

060515yuuki01_1How many days couldn’t we get sunshine like today ?

It was good for my son to walk outside today.

I was going to take a picture of my son standing on a chair, and said,
"Cheers ! Yuuki !"
He made his face like a monster.
And his mother was watching him worring.

By the way I went to Mt. Takane in Shirahama today too…….

060515takane01_1I could see more beautiful view than last time, and take a lot of good pictures from the top.

This pictures is that I took Rendaiji town.

I could see beautiful green mountains like waves.

And today I made new walking map of Mt. Takane with panorama of Shirahama.

Please check the following webpage (PDF), but it takes a little long time to download because a file size is 2,890kb.
But you can print it out in A4 paper and bring it !

Mt. Takane Walking Map