Rainy season “Tsuyu” will come soon.

060528beach02_1Today my children and I went to the beach after 10 days.

In the beach we could see a lot of seaweeds which were taken up from the sea by big waves.

By the way the rainy season "Tsuyu" has already visited in south Kyushu area.

In most of Japan the rainy season lasts from the beginning of June to the middle of July …… 

060528beach01_1The avarage starting date of rainy season of Shizuoka is June 8th.

But probably we will have rainy season earlier this year.
On the other hand, actually it doesn’t rain every day.

If you woul like to come Shimoda in June, you had better check the weather forcast.

If you will be lucky you will be able to get sunshine !!