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2011/09/14 Snorkeling on Togai-hama Beach at the tip of Izu peninsula

110914togaihama01 I have been thinking that I was going to go to the Togai-hama Beach to take photos since 3 days ago.

When I served the breakfast our customer this morning he said,

"Where is the good point for snorkeling?"

I told him some points in Shimoda, but I said to him,

"Oh, are you interested in snorkeling? I was going to go to the one of good points by accident, actually. Do you go with me? As we don't have any other customeres today I can take you there by  my car".

After breakfast we went to Togai-hama together by my car.

It was amazing point for snorkeling! we could meet a lot of fishes and found out the stingray as well!

Of course I could take a lot of good photos for our website.

Click here to see the photos which I took today.

Pension Sakuraya in Shirahama, Shimoda