67th Black Ship Festival from Tomorrow

060518shimodaharbor01_1Tonight, when I went to Shimoda I found that a ship was decorated a lot of beautiful lights at Shimoda harbor.

"Well, Black Ship Festival will take place from tomorrow…. ."

I was going to take a piciture of that ship later, but when I went back to the harbor 2 hours later again, the decorations had already been finished.

So I am going to show a picture that I took 2 years ago…….

060518shimodaharbor02_1This is it !

I took this picture from the top of Mt. Nesugata when I saw the fireworks.

During this festival some ships are decorated with lights in the night.

This is very beautiful !!


From tomorrow the Black Ship Festival will take place in Shimoda.

For 3 days we can see fireworks, official parade, jazz concert, official ceremony and etc.

But I am worring about the weather, the weather forcast says that it will be rainny from tomorrow afternoon until the day after tomorrow.

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Pension Sakuraya in Shirahama, Shimoda, Japan