2011/02/11 New kind of Sakura “Shirahama Ikona” at Shirahama shrine

110211sakura01 Now it is 9:00 PM in Shimoda, Japan.

We have a cold and strong wind like typhoon outside. The weather forcast says it would be snowy tomorrow morning, but we can't expect it because Shimoda is very warm.

By the way, yesterday when I was walking in Shirahama I went to Shirahama shrine.

And then I found out a tree with a lot of pink blossoms like this photo.

Now in Kawazu town and Minami-Izu town Sakura festa is taking place, but the color of blossom is different from theirs.

I was wondering, but I went to my friend's house to ask about it…..


110211sakura03 I asked my friend who is running a riquir shop in Shirahama, and he said,

"I presented it to Shirahama shrine."

Yes, actually he made this sakura by himself.

This sakura is called "Shirahama Ikona". It is a name of god of Shirahama shrine.

He has his own sakura field and all of his sakura are fully blooming now!!

2 thoughts on “2011/02/11 New kind of Sakura “Shirahama Ikona” at Shirahama shrine

  1. Tipparat Chirabandhu

    Could you please let me know how to get to Ikona sakura field ? I plan to visit Shimoda on Feb,18,2019. I hope i can see how beautiful it is.

    Tipparat Chirabandhu from Thailand.


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