2011/02/08 Walking on the beach in Shirahama

110207beach01 Yesterday I went to the nearest beach for walking.

It was very warm and comfortable for walking yesterday.

There were only 2 surfers in the water because they don't have good wave there.

I started to walk at the right side of Shirahama Ohama beach, and walked on the seaside to Shirahama shrine and Itado fishing port after that.

On the way there was a red gate "Torii" in Japanese on the big rock in the water.

I continued walking to the other side of Shirahama…..


110207beach02 After Shirahama shrine I got to the beach called "Shirahama Chuo". 

There is Shimoda Price Hotel next to the shrine.

And I ariived at the end of Shirahama beach after 50 minutes walking in total.

I am going to make a web page of "Walking on Shirahama Beach."


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