2011/02/18 Thank you & Good bye Ceremony at Shirahama kindergarten

110218yuuki01 This morning we had a strong wind and a rain here in Shirahama at around 6:00 AM.

But it was changed, and it became sunny at around 9:00 AM.

Today my wife and I went to Shirahama kindergarten with my son, because they had a ceremony for children.

It is called Owakare-kai in Japanese.

It means a ceremony which the children say thank you and good bye to the children finishing kindergarten….


110218yuuki02 In Shirahama kindergarten the total number of children is only 14, and they have 3 grades.

The smallest children are 3 years old.

The children of 3rd grade, 4 people including my son will graduate from kindergarten in March, and enter a primary school in April.

The children sung songs, played musical instruments, pereformed hula hoop and rope skipping.

After that they played a game with their mothers.

It was really good ceremony.


110218beach01 After finishing this ceremony my wife and I went to Shimoda downtown for shopping.

At around noon it was very warm and the sun made us hot like summer!

The water was gorgeous and the surfers played surfing with good waves.


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