2011/02/05 Hiking through the forest in Shirahama, Shimoda

110204forest01 In these days I sometimes walk around Shirahama.

Yesterday I had to go to Rendaiji for shopping, and I was going to take bicycle.

But I found out I had a flat tire, so I decided to go by  walking to Rendaiji town in Shimoda through the mountain.

Last week I went to the top of Mt. Takane and went down to Rendaiji, but I took a different route to Rendaiji yesterday.

Long time ago the local peple who lived in Shirahama didn't have a car or a bus to go to Shimoda, so they had to go to school by walking.

Especially the high school students had to take the route going through Mt. Takane.

Last week I took the different route to the top of mountain, but I walked the same route like this.

It was a little hard to walk, but the fresh air made me happy and healthy.

Here is a Mt. Takane route map with photos.

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